With a snug clasp around your neck, the choker necklace can be made of metal, ribbon, velvet, and even leather. This type of necklace is best suited for off for U-neck and off-shoulder necklines. There is nothing more precious to women in the world of jewelry than to put around their necks some of the most beautifully designed necklaces. They are one of the most obvious gifts that a man can give to his partner without worrying about going wrong. But then again one can go wrong if the preferred set of jewelry is not chosen from so many variants available in the market.

One of the more tricky patterns of jewelry available in the market includes choker necklaces. They are called so because they are wrapped pretty tight around the necks to give an impression that they are choking the person figuratively.

One has to be careful with the thickness of the necklace set that has to be decided based on the thickness of the neck itself. One can go for a wider choker provided their neck is long and slender while vice versa is true as well. If your neck is short and wide then it is better to go for a slim necklace. One can keep tabs on design as well depending upon the kind of mood you are in like gothic, flirty or simple colorful beads. YOSHA has a diverse collection of the same in gold and silver plating.

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